Is working with middle management the bane of your existence? Is middle management preventing progress with your agile adoption? Are the teams you are coaching being stifled by middle management? Or are you a middle manager trapped in the system struggling to break out and make a difference for your organisation? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this session is for you!

Middle management, also known as the “frozen middle”, are often bemoaned as blockers to progress. It never fails to amaze me how often a conversation in a room full of agile coaches will turn to the topic of “what to do about middle management”. Frequently the solutions I hear proposed are along the lines of “work around them” or “get rid of them”. In this session we will explore a different approach. Instead of removing middle management from the picture, how can we harness their energy to lead rather than hinder an agile transition?

In this interactive presentation, Em will share with you what it is like to be part of middle management, help you tap into your empathy by putting yourself in the shoes of middle management and provide you with numerous proven techniques to help managers at any level (frozen or otherwise!) accelerate their transition into agile leaders.

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