‘Why don’t you just understand???” How many times do you ask yourself this question? Your request, acceptance criteria, what you are asking for is clear in your mind, but your colleague doesn’t ever seem to get it quite right. Why can’t they just see things they way you do?

Maybe it’s because they don’t think the way you do, so it’s a matter of understanding how they think and communicating in a way the receiver understands the information…

There are over 400 different combinations of thinking and behavior preferences, each one of them giving and receiving information in a different way. Learn more about how to decode your own combination, the combinations of your colleagues, and how to bridge the gap between.

This session is open for anyone that has to communicate their ideas, or for those that have to interpret someone else’s ideas so they can get their work to ‘Done’. We will have a conversation around techniques you can use to both enhance your own communication style as well as interpret the styles of those around you. During the incorporated table exercises you will get to share your ideas around communication and practice some of the concepts introduced in the session.

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