Everyone is looking for a great “Agile Coach” and everyone else describes themselves as such. Often, both the client and coach have a misunderstanding of what coaching actually is. Not being on the same page about the basic concepts of coaching while mixing in other concepts around mentoring and consulting muddy the waters even further. This leads to a challenging situation of figuring out what success looks like for a coaching engagement.

Chris Li and Brock Argue were sharing a meal and some adult beverages at a conference recently, and the stories started to flow about the headaches, challenges, and misunderstandings that happen so regularly in the world of agile coaching. Seemingly every story we shared with one another ended in the declaration “…but, that’s not coaching!”. Join us for a fun and energetic workshop and learn what coaching really is…minus the libations! Chris and Brock will be sharing their own personal stories, practical tips and tools based on their experience that will help those who come to the party re-acclimate themselves to what a coach is and does.

This workshop invites participants to gain a clear understanding of what it means to be a ‘coach’ from a pair of leaders in the agile space. Hearing perspectives from different points of view will help those in attendance begin to align their own definitions of what it means to coach others at the individual, team, and organizational levels. This highly interactive session is an exciting mix of interesting one-way content, interactive exercises, and a workshop that forms the basis of creating a coaching agreement to serve as a take-away to build upon in further conversations.

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