In this dynamic workshop we will explore the world of value delivery and quality. If done means potentially shippable, valuable, operable, usable and secure we need to do more than just test the code.

All too often I have seen systems developed with great automated testing on the widgets that make up our “Product”. I use the quotes around product because I believe we need to look more holistically about how we deliver value in organizations. This is not a new idea, testers have striven to take this approach and when a holistic approach is taken to all aspects of quality our business outcomes are better.

We deliver what we thought was needed in the “Product” but…
– It does not deliver the value we thought because we did not test the value proposition before building.
– It is not optimally usable because we did not test the user experience.
– It has operational issues because we did not test infrastructure, load, performance or other critical operational issues.
– It has documentation but that documentation is not used because we did not test the, need, value, format or accuracy of it.
– It gets delayed or is stopped from production because we did not test our assumptions about, security, governance and risk.

**”Your system is perfectly designed to get the results you are getting.”**
*-W Edwards Deming”*

We must change the system of product delivery to get the results we want.

This world cafe style will start with an introduction to the topic of value, appropriate quality and testing both value and quality. I will discuss example methods for:
– Testing Value
– Testing Usability and User Experience
– Testing Operations
– Testing the Documentation
– Testing Security, Risk, Audit and Governance

We will then break out into groups around the 5 topics and brainstorm how to ensure quality as early as possible and how we might test even before we build. Participants will rotate through the topics and add greater and greater detail to them as they drill down on the topics.

A readout will follow

For more information on the World Cafe workshop format you can check it out here (http://www.theworldcafe.com/key-concepts-resources/world-cafe-method/).

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