Let’s face it: most developers adopt TDD because they’ve heard someone claim it works. Not that I’d neglect personal experience, but hey, don’t we have something more objective to get our buy-in? Turns out we have — there are numerous studies on TDD, done in both academic and corporate environments.
Research results help us convince others that TDD is worth investing in — at individual, team and organization level. We can also have more realistic expectations of the improvements to come. Furthermore, knowing what metrics does TDD influence, we can measure effects of TDD adoption.

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Krzysztof manages all the training efforts of Pragmatists, offering software teams unique training experience in technical agile practices. He delivered workshops in Test-Driven Development and other skills to more than 250 people over the last 5 years. He both keeps his technical abilities sharp and leans towards business side of software development to see the bigger picture. Krzysztof passionately helps teams improve the way they collaborate and deliver. The vision he strives for is that of developers regarding themselves as professionals, writing clean code, communicating well with business and feeling confident at work.