Many agile teams focus on user stories and wireframes to drive software development and testing. Others use Behavior Driven Development or Specification by Example. These are all valuable, proven techniques; yet, by themselves, they are insufficient to uncover all of the product requirements that are left lurking behind the scenes. To deliver a quality product, these more elusive requirements must also be elicited, defined, tested and fulfilled.

Test Analysis—analyzing tests and the underlying requirements before executing the tests—offers many opportunities to improve the quality of tests and the test plans, verify requirements, and elicit missing or inadequate requirements.

In this workshop, you apply test analysis on examples of functional requirements (user, action, data, control) and nonfunctional requirements (interface, environment, quality attribute). You mine analysis models for testing clues and pathways. You evaluate functional and nonfunctional tests. You learn how to capture the power and intellectual capital of the team. You leave with a set of powerful questions spanning the seven requirements aspects and an understanding of how to apply them in your test analysis.

Join us as we explore how test analysis enables you to produce higher quality requirements. Using examples drawn from our real life experiences, you will discover how defining testable requirements provides a seamless flow to testing. Learn how your team can save time and energy, while enabling more effective estimating and planning. See how testers can be engaged broadly and deeply in agile requirements analysis. Appreciate the benefits of getting tester feedback, early and often. Come discover how test analysis can help raise the agility of your agile team by engaging the entire team and improving collaboration with a light communication framework.

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