Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle is well-known to artists, especially authors struggling with writer’s block. It’s a bedrock inspirational tome, focused on the artist finding his or her true self, breaking through resistance, and contributing his or her unique gifts to the larger whole of society.

If what we do when we create software isn’t engineering, isn’t factory work, and isn’t science – aren’t we saying it’s creative work? Art? Craft? We shouldn’t be surprised that Pressfield’s classic for artists chasing the muse has a lot to teach us in the realms of modern business and software.

In this presentation, we’ll focus on an important aspect of the book – the artist’s orientation – of which Pressfield provides two possibilities, hierarchical or territorial. We’ll examine how this relates to modern leadership, effectively and appropriately breaking down organizational hierarchies, product vision, intrinsic motivation, and craftsmanship.

Be prepared for a unique, artistic view of our industry!

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