For the past decade, technology platforms, development paradigms, and the vendor landscape have been shifting at a rate that very few organizations have been able to match. Over the past two centuries, a pattern has emerged. Every 50 years or so, a constellation of innovation, entrepreneurship, and new technology combine to transform the world economy. Today, we’re approaching the end of the Turning Point of the fifth technological revolution. The organizations the can’t adapt and scale their software delivery processes are unlikely survive the next decade. In this talk, Dr. Kersten will summarize the dynamics of technological revolutions, what we have learned in the first 50 years of software development, and how dramatically those lessons and the software ecosystem will change over the coming 50 years. Then present five predictions on how Agile software engineering will evolve to help today’s organizations survive the coming decade.
– The Age of Invention will pivot to an Age of Adoption
– Software complexity will drive specialization
– As automation grows, so will the demand for IT professionals
– Coding will evolve into domain expertise and data modeling
– How AI will become its own field of practice

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