In an agile environment of quick project starts and even quicker deadlines, teams are being asked to deliver value to customers faster. Our team succeeded in delivering all the requested business value in time, but still had a huge hurdle to jump at the end - actually releasing the product to our customers!

Businesses think that they do not need to know (or care) about the “technical” decisions of their teams, such as how a product will actually be released, or how the release procedure itself will be tested. This is not only wrong; it is dangerous for the company's bottom line. When technical release decisions are contained in a technical team silo, we are only using half our teams’ skills and risking delivery to our end users.

We all know managers do not just want problems raised; they want solutions proposed. Learn to clearly articulate delivery risks to the business and also mitigate the risks through proven practices applied in new ways.

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https://www.thoughtworks.com/profiles/abigail-bangser Abby Bangser has been working as a Quality Analyst with ThoughtWorks since 2012 with key interests in bridging the gap between the different development team roles and growing the QA community. Experiences include crafting and delivering both internal and external training programs as well as a diverse portfolio of client work. Before coming to ThoughtWorks Abby worked in real estate investments and she continues to stay active in youth lacrosse coaching.