Looking for a straightforward explanation of how to lead effectively as your organization adopts Agile? Searching for ways to tailor your current training approaches to effectively support leadership adoption of Scrum and being Agile?

While many classes and workshops address the needs of team members, very few if any courses address the needs of company and product leaders. This workshop is designed for people who need to teach and coach organizational leaders — CxOs, VPs, Directors, Managers and product leaders. In short, any stakeholder outside the team. Come learn what worked and didn't work to teach Agile and Scrum values, principles, roles and practices to over 400 directors & executives. Leave with tools to use immediately after the conference.

During the second half of last year, I had the rare opportunity to design and deliver a learning experience to a large swath of the director and above population of a 30,000+ employee company. In the course of teaching leaders from multiple business units in 30 workshops, I learned a lot about their learning needs and how to help them achieve their learning goals. My goal is to share this experience with the Agile community to (1) provide a framework for others to use and (2) help others avoid the pitfalls I encountered.

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I'm the CEO of Applied Frameworks, a product management consulting firm. My passion is coaching people in organizations to develop products that customers love. I mentor, teach, facilitate and sometimes do the work to identify and apply the optimal frameworks for a situation. Lately I've been focused on very large scale Agile adoption and overcoming all of the obstacles thousands of people encounter when their world of work shifts. My experience spans product management and marketing, business planning, partner management, project management and leadership. I believe that my attraction to Agile is based on about 10 years of service as a Marine officer. I received an engineering degree from Cornell and a MBA from Duke. When I'm not working, I like to watch my two kids play sports, exercise, and read.