Test driven development is all the rage. But why do people choose to write their code in a test driven fashion? It’s so their code will have tests, right? Ending up with tested code is a nice benefit of test driven development (TDD), but it’s not the most compelling reason to choose TDD. The real reason to choose TDD is because it helps you write better code. Simpler, more elegant code that’s easier to maintain and has fewer bugs. Who doesn’t want that?

In this session we’ll do a live coding demo showing how TDD works in action. We’ll see the basic mechanics of TDD, and we’ll also see how TDD helps us break apart the problem into solvable chunks and end up with a solution that is simpler and more elegant than we might have arrived at without TDD.

If you aren’t super familiar with TDD and want to see how it works and how it can help make your code better, this session is for you.

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