2015: The management team of an department of an European Tax Authority wants to improve the agile way of work to create value earlier, to shorten development cycles and increase number of feedback loops, to shorten the chain and to put responsibility lower in the organization to decrease the number of escalations.
The environment for this agile experiment is not easy: waterfall governance, bottom up agile initiatives without top down support and a heavy project organization.
September 2015: we hire a coach to help us improve the agile way of work with scrum and SAFe.
November 2015: the coach starts.

If you were the coach, how would you approach the agile transition? Scaling? Scrum or not? And if not scrum what else? Would you start with management? Which Management? How would you “manage” the transition? If the management had chosen SAFe, would you suggest another scaling model? How would your agile transition roadmap look like? What should be the scope? How would you cooperate with management? What is your position and does it change?

In this workshop of 75 minutes we are going to present the case of the tax authority (step1) then work with you in groups to create an agile transition roadmap based on the case of the Tax Authority (step 2) and then we will compare your transition plans with the one of the tax authority (step 3) to finally try to translate the outcome to your own situation.

At this moment we are in the beginning of our transition: our first SAFe Agile Release Train starts soon. We hope to tell you more at the conference!

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