How can a single individual change how testing is done in a large, distributed organisation? (originally 8, 000+, now 70,000+) This is my story of how I implemented exploratory testing in a big company one step at a time. Working with small teams of 3-8 testers and progressing to division wide teams of 200+ testers. I provided opportunities for them to experience success and then capitalized on their passion to help promote the approach. By focusing on small steps and showing by doing, they were able to bring about great change.

The key elements of the talk discusses how I encouraged collaboration and empowered people to lead by example in their teams. I will provide tangible results of how this encouraged teams across the globe to take ownership of their own departmental training needs using me as support.

I will talk about the successes and the failures and what was learnt by this and how I am now moving forward and pushing into an even bigger organisation.

To help clarify I would classify myself as a 'change agent', who is a tester but with the remit by senior management to make testing more effective and efficient. Due to my experiences in software testing and my close links with the testing community it was felt by leadership teams within the organization to leverage my skills to promote the way testing was carried out and to radically change the mindset. Starting small meant working with small teams to start with and building up a team of evangelists in each country who could work with teams in their domains to improve their testing. The talk looks into how this was achieved and how we now have a network across the whole organization. with support from senior management.

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Having been involved in testing for over 20 years and within the IT industry for more than 24 years I am still surprised with how exciting I find it and how much I continue to learn about things that are new. I have a passion for learning and love to learn about new things. I have an interest in many things such as social science, psychology, photography and gardening. I keep involved within the testing community and write a testing blog (www.steveo1967.blogspot.com) and can be found regularly tweeting (@steveo1967). I am keen to see what can be of benefit to software testing from outside the traditional channels and as such I like to explore different domains and see if there is anything that can be linked back to testing. I care about the testing community, like to be involved and like to be social. I feel I have a wide variety of experience within testing and currently I am mentoring and training others in exploratory testing and SBTM whilst looking for opportunities to introduce approaches from other crafts such as anthropology, ethnographic research, design thinking, cognitive science and many others.