A single keyboard and screen can turn teams into a highly cooperative, productive units versed in collaborative learning and problem solving. Collaboration and cooperation emerges in environments that foster such culture.
A common stereotype for anyone involved in software development is of socially inept and reclusive introvert, who prefers communicating to computers over talking to people and is generally highly accomplished in his work.
However, with the advent of agile, a great emphasis is put to communication and collaboration. Until recently shunned specialist is now expect to behave as a multi-skilled team member that is adept in communicating with multiple stakeholders and fares well as a part of highly collaborative multi-functional team.
This report focuses on a year-long experience of working in a highly-collaborative environment with team members practicing mob programming most of the time, performing almost no estimates, interacting frequently with business stakeholders, under no traditionally defined roles while focusing on delivering value. This is a story of how high performing autonomous team emerges in an environment that promotes interaction and collaboration.

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