Years ago I used to spend all of my coaching time team-ward thinking that it would have the biggest impact in agile transformations. It was also arguably an easier gig. But I’ve learned that the real direction to focus is upward in your coaching. That being said, I think most coaches are uncomfortable or under-skilled in effectively coaching upward.

I see four common anti-patterns:
* We’re presumptuous and like to “tell” leaders what to do;
* We marginalize their roles and lack empathy for the challenges surrounding their role change;
* We lack credibility or experience in organizational leadership;
* We either lack backbone or we’re too purist in our approaches.

This session will open by gathering attendee feedback on leadership coaching patterns that they’ve felt were successful. We’ll also gather your perspective on anti-patterns. Then we’ll compare these against my own experience gained from effectively coaching leaders over the past 10 years.

I hope we all exit the session empowered with new tools and insights into how to engage, partner with, and coach organizational managers and leaders.

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