Today’s rapidly changing, and intensely competitive, business environment demands new approaches to everything from product development to the provisioning of IT services. Can the impressive results achieved by applying agile to software development also be achieved by applying agile to service delivery, especially at scale? They most certainly can, but having the right mix of people, processes and tools is key.

IBM Global Technology Services (GTS) is the largest service provider in the world, with over 115,000 globally distributed staff supporting 85% of the world’s commerce. In this session, I will share our team’s experience transforming GTS to more agile ways of working, all while protecting client operations and IBM earnings (essentially changing the wheels on the bus while the bus is moving!). I will describe the key challenges we faced, the actions we took to overcome them, and the results we achieved. I will describe our innovative approach for integrating selected lean and agile practices into a framework of repeatable patterns, and how we incrementally deployed those patterns, resulting in measurable business outcomes.

This session is intended for agile transformation leaders at all levels, who are driving the adoption of lean and agile practices across large, geographically distributed organizations. As a result of attending this session, attendees will learn specific patterns and techniques that they can immediately put to use, whether that means starting a transformation discussion, or refining an ongoing transformation to leverage the provided recommendations.

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