Operations has traditionally been the most interrupt driven part of any IT organization. But as cloud adoption kicks in, DevOps and infrastructure as a code brings in paradigm shift in IT operations, importance of code quality and other mainstream software development practices becoming integral part of IT operations. In this presentation I would share my experience on how we have successfully introduced agile methodologies in our operation team. How we have ensured our core business requirements (like high availability, scalability) were bolstered by introducing software development practices like test driven design, sprint planning, story based iterative development etc. I’ll also talk about how unplanned activities like outage, newly discovered software vulnerability affect these workflows, and what can be done at the team organization level to minimize these effects. What safety nets need to be built to bolster teams confidence (and happiness 🙂 ), while we grow rapidly both in people side as well as in infrastructure side.
Key Learning:
– When introducing new practices, start small.
– Form a small but quality software part that reflect the usage of TDD techniques and let your peers, junior explore it, realize the benefit of it, before making it a convention.
– Reduce adoption cost. Experience practitioner should pick up the high risk items first
– Adopt and mix agile methodologies with the current practices incrementally, as and when the team feels comfortable with rather than enforcing a strict documented procedure (like ITIL).
– Its almost always that something will fail, we cant avoid failure, but we can reduce the risk by shipping changes incrementally.

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