How many times have you left a practical talk thinking “but where I work…”. How many times have you waited for the world or your workplace to create the perfect conditions so you could act in accordance to your “principles”?

The reality is, if you need ideal conditions to apply your principles, they aren’t principles, they are conveniences. Change happens from inside out, examples speak louder than words, the agile culture fosters protagonists, not victims. If you believe that the agile way is the path to follow, then the question you should ask yourself is: how can I make it happen?

When we think about changing a company it needs to be clear that it is not easy, it is hard work, takes time, some initiatives will go wrong, and the person that took upon themselves the challenge of being a change agent will need lots and lots of resilience. With that in mind, we are going to talk about an approach on how to sell an agile implementation to a company, or superior, that are resistant to the idea, as well as, the downside of the technical profile that we need to be aware and overcome in order to be successful.

Finally we will conclude the session in a much more interactive way, filling a learning canvas with a case from the audience, someone that needs help beginning their agile transformation journey.

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