Even though companies are using Agile for delivering software, when it comes to goal setting the waterfall mindset is still the norm. Most organizations use an annual, top-down process to create a set of static goals that is in direct conflict with Agile.

Waterfall goals permeate Agile, turning teams into “feature factories” with no focus on business results. Instead of points and velocity, teams should be measuring actual value. Rather than following a fixed roadmap with long feedback cycles, they should quickly validate hypotheses.

The alternative is OKR (Objectives and Key Results), the Agile goal setting framework adopted by Google and others. But as with any other tool, OKR can be misused – tracking activities instead of results.

This talk will show how OKR can take Agile to the next level, creating autonomous teams driven by value and not by the opinions of the stakeholders. I will also share a model to help companies make the transition from “working software” to “valuable software.”

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