Many Agile advocates struggle to convince others in the organization of its benefits. “Why can’t they just see how this better – it seems so obvious!”. At best, this results in a slow adoption of Agile principles and practices. At worst, frustration and misunderstanding makes people resistant to Agile in general.

In this session, we will start by explaining what’s behind the common cultural stage frameworks, including the color models described in Spiral Dynamics and the related Laloux culture framework. Maybe you’ve heard about these colors, and are wondering how that can help you in your efforts to increase the level of Agile adoption in your organization.

After the introduction to the color models, we will use examples from our own work, as well as some persona based role playing, to explore how people’s dominant worldview affects what they hear when you’re talking about agile, and your ability to say what you intend.

Agile provides compelling benefits for people with each of the dominant worldviews (colors). The challenge is that it’s difficult to see the world how others see it. Come to this engaging session where you’ll have a chance to experience each of these perspectives and will walk away with some ideas of how to better reach your Agile goals.

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