All too often, companies set out with the mission to “go agile” before truly understanding what that means. Business managers are quick to jump on the agile bandwagon, believing that “going agile” will magically make projects happen faster. Teams are getting certified in Scrum as if it’s a silver bullet that will suddenly make everyone more productive. Inevitably, cracks begin to show, and expectations are missed–leaving everyone involved questioning the value of “going agile” altogether.

There is a better way! The truth is that going agile will result in more productive teams and faster delivery of projects–but only if everyone can agree on the rules of the game.

Come hear Heather Fleming and Justin Riservato from Gilt discuss why gaining consensus on the principles of Agile is more important than implementing a process, and learn how having these three conversations can save you from an agile disaster:

* *“But when will you be done?”* Why getting rid of the concept of deadlines is the most important (and most difficult) conversation when going agile.
* *“This is my top priority, but I can’t meet with you until next week.”* What to do when your business partner can’t (or won’t) be a full member of the team.
* *“I just want to code. Why do I have to be in all these meetings?”* Why implementing Scrum is not the first step to going agile.

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