Refactoring a monolithic application to microservices is sometimes indispensable to achieve scalability and resilience in your development organization and application architecture. While this makes perfect sense, the move from monolith to microservices is sometimes scary and might be a decision which no body dares to take! In other cases, it may not be the right decision, considering the costs and overheads.

In this session, I’ll present some “stepping stones” in the journey from monolithic application architecture to microservices. Each step is an achievement and results in a better overall code structure. Taking one step forward is rewarding and manageable as opposed to moving all the way till the end. After each step, you may pause, inspect, and then decide whether to move forward or break off if you’re satisfied with what you’ve achieved. I’ll explain important ideas and approaches when breaking code apart and will present several famous techniques to remove dependencies and let disjoint and loosely-coupled components emerge. By the end of this session, you’ll get a robust understanding of risks, techniques, and considerations to take into account during this journey.

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