"We have reached an impasse and cannot accelerate our DevOps performance?" Does this sound like a common issue?

Often companies have DevOps practices in place, but are unable to accelerate their throughput of delivery speed. The ability to accelerate the time to deploy code releases is one of the key benefits of DevOps.

Lean thinking and management practices can further accelerate DevOps delivery by providing a set of measurement standards to help create more beneficial products, save money, boost productivity, reduce waste, and map to value.

Lean practices accelerate performance of project delivery in a DevOps environment by using a single, optimal set of practices and metrics that matter to reduce waste and accelerate productivity. Creating a system that bases their operations on lean principles that includes the following (a) value, (b) value streams, (c) flow, (d) pull, and (e) perfection. Consider lean calculations such as Takt time, Cycle Time, Queue Time, MTTR, and process lead time to help accelerate DevOps practices.

Other lean measures and metrics such as mean time to recovery (MTTR) can resolve the amount of time that to recover from failure, while Total Containment effectiveness (TCE), defect stratification by type, poisson modeling for defect clustering, total defects per unit (TDU), rolled throughput yield (RTY) can be used to get to the root cause of defects and reduce them. While these are complex metrics used in Lean and Lean Six Sigma environments, many of their principles can be used to turbocharge operations.

In this session, the tenets of lean thinking will be linked to ways to improve and accelerate execution in DevOps environment. Flashcards will be provided to participants to train them on the tenets of lean metrics.

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Gail Ferreira is an enterprise lean agile leader based in San Francisco. Gail likes to employ creative and novel lean agile methods to engage individuals and organizations through agile transformations. Gail is particularly passionate about creating agile learning organizations that embrace continuous learning and change management using a blend of lean and agile methodologies. Gail regularly speaks at international agile conferences and professional groups related to agile, innovation, lean startup, strategy and technology management. She has published peer-reviewed journals and articles in award winning publications such as Agile Connection, Proquest Digital Dissertations, Refractive Thinker, IEEE, and Techwell. Gail also likes to lead and direct events including local meetups, professional development days for the Project Management Institute, and academic awards. LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drgail.ferreira Education, PhD - Organizational Leadership, M.S. Computer Science, B.S. Computer Science Certifications: SAFe-SPC, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, CSP, CSM, CSPO, PMP Appointments: Program Chair - XP2019, Enterprise Agile Track Chair - Agile 2018, VP of Professional Development - Project Management Institute - 2016