Sometimes great people can do great work, and it just doesn’t have much effect on the organization.

This was the case at Redgate Software two years ago, when UX and product management were the Keepers of the Customer. Since then, we’ve switched to a model where product development teams themselves are responsible for the research that powers their decisions. Not only has this improved developer engagement, it’s also delivered for the business through products that are much better aligned with users’ needs.

We haven’t stopped there, though, because the whole business needs to rally around that shared insight. Other organisations have used personas to great effect, but we have found it more effective to bring the actual experiences of our users (and non-users) to the discussions.

This talk will explore the challenges of bringing customers’ experience into everyday decision-making, including making the time and space to learn. We’ll talk about some overall strategies that have worked for us and some that didn’t!

In particular, we’ll go through examples of:
4 proven approaches to help whole teams really engage
4 ways to ensure customer knowledge flows through to business stakeholders

You will leave this session with a bundle of ideas how to make your customer research really deliver.

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