If you’re like me, you’ve submitted lots of abstracts to conferences (including this one) and been disappointed to be on the list of those not selected. Your idea was solid. Colleagues supported you through the submission process. And it wasn’t enough to be on the short list of speakers.

I submitted for years before getting some quality mentoring on my submissions. Then, some knowledge from Sharon Bowman improved how I wrote learning objectives. A reminder from my journalism textbooks zipped up my headlines. Feedback from some experienced program chairs tightened up my abstracts. Finally, I started connecting more with program teams. Thankful for every opportunity I’ve had to present to our community.

I would like to share some of my learnings, as well as the advice of others on how you can do the same thing.

Coming to this session won’t guarantee your next idea is the one everyone else will. Program teams vary in their tastes from year to year. What this will do is give you some practical experience to make your next batch of submissions your best yet. Feel free to bring previous submissions as well. The better the content we present at conferences, the better our community becomes.

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