Collective smarts may be the greatest challenge of enterprise agility. It happens in a special ‘state’: physiological and contextual. Learning – or considering anything new – also happens in a special state.. This talk will provide a taste of each, bits of science to understand them, plus tools to guide you in practice with others.

We will briefly explore what‘s happening in the brain when people ‘get to something’ they’ve never thought of before – collectively. Three experiential exercises, bits of PaleoAnthropology and NeuroPhysiology, plus a juicy Fortune 500 story will illuminate our narrative. New tools will 1) chart your own and others’ immediate capacity for co-learning and design 2) measure and celebrate value-added: a leading indicator/early metric of learning and agility that can be tracked with lagging hard metrics.

Playfully shared by a Business Anthropologist, the session is both sobering and exhilarating. The good news is: the desired states are biological, feel good and spread organically. Our brains evolved to learn and act collectively. The bad news is: stress is also biological and spreads organically. NOT ENOUGH OF US KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF THE BIOLOGICAL ASPECTS THAT ENABLE COLLABORATIVE LEARNING IN ADULTS.

More good news: it’s immediately rewarding to do so (and well underway in schools and public health.) It could shortly be well underway in your workplace.

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