Pivotal has been credited with shaping the software development cultures of many of Silicon Valley's most influential companies. Today, Pivotal works with the world's largest companies and most admired brands to create modern software that ushers new user experiences, as well as culturally transform their businesses into software companies capable of innovating and moving at startup speeds.

Peter Thiel famously said, "What happened to the future? We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters." At Pivotal, we believe that arming the world's largest companies with cutting-edge software development methodologies and a next-generation cloud platform will allow them to create software as good (or better) as any Silicon Valley-based software company or venture-backed startup. And combined with their decades of industry expertise, the question then becomes — how can Silicon Valley possibly compete with you?

Rob Mee, CEO at Pivotal, will share learning from Pivotal Labs' work with Internet giants, and how enterprises such as GE, Ford, and Home Depot are working with Pivotal today to transform into great software companies.

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