Musicians and athletes spend most of their time practicing, not performing. As software developers if we only practice and learn on the job, then we will continue to make mistakes on code meant for customers. On the job, we can only deliver features as fast as the code base and our skills allow us. We must improve the quality of our skills which will in turn improve the quality of our code base. We must take the time to practice allowing ourselves to improve our skills and develop better “code sense”. Learn how the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto (http://manifesto.softwarecraftsmanship.org/) provides a framework for us to improve in our craft. By learning a variety of code games we can collect a full toolbelt of activities that will help us improve as individuals. We can then take these games and give others the opportunity to improve and raise the level of the whole community. We’ll take a whirlwind tour of some different agile code games that will help us improve our craft.

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