Are you looking for answers on scaling Agile but finding it hard to get unbiased information on the different options that are available? Well, this is the place to start that discovery!

This session is among the first, highly anticipated, public presentations of an analysis model that’s intended to help you answer the question:
What is the right scaling approach for our organization?

We’ll explore the major scaling options together. We’ll help you understand some of the key differentiators and criteria for choosing an approach (or rolling your own!). After a quick overview of the major scaling frameworks, we'll present the concept of the Agile Scaling Knowledge (ASK) matrix - an evolving tool for evaluating and selecting the right approach(es) for your organization.

We expect to have a lively discussion but we'll avoid any framework-specific cheerleading or bashing. We’ll instead elicit questions and insights that help drive decision-making and/or improvement. This will be a highly interactive session where participants will be encouraged to share their experiences, perspectives and questions on the topic. Together, we will come to insights that help you determine the right approaches for scaling agility in your organization.

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I try to help people and organizations unlock their hidden potential. I get to work with awesome people, who inspire and challenge me. As an enterprise agile coach and trainer with agile42, I work with executives, managers and teams to guide them toward sustainable growth and continuous improvement.

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