Tired of learning your Coaching craft by trial and luck? Many of us begin and emerge as coaches through kismet and fortune, rather than with clear goals for learning and acceptance criteria for progressing in the craft. Instead, why not apply Agile techniques and use Inspect and Adapt to groom a path to guide your learning as an Agile Coach?

In this interactive session, you won’t merely sit and listen; you’ll learn both WITH and FROM other participants. We’ll start by building a learning ‘backlog’ for coaches. Through 3 brief scenarios of increasing complexity, self-organized table-teams will examine what a coach would need to learn in order to be prepared to thrive in that stage. With each scenario, we’ll hold a group ‘demo’ of the topics, techniques, skills and resources for a coach’s learning at that stage.

Coaches already handling one to several teams are the primary audience for this session. Still, the learning and career development situations identified through this session will be as valuable to Aspiring Coaches and Managers of Coaches. Even a few seasoned Coaches may appreciate learning through an exposure to “beginner’s mind” in this workshop.

Would you plan an iteration without a backlog? Stop leaving your development as a Coach up to luck. Come create a skills backlog and identify goals for the next lessons on Your Coaching Journey.

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