As leaders, we often talk about how we wished people or teams would step-up. We dream of teams taking the initiative. We spend our time wondering “why empowered people won’t act?” Instead of wondering, we need to start by taking a hard look at ourselves – our blind spots may be the impediment to our people’s, team’s, and organization’s success! Of course, the funny thing about blind spots is, people hear about them and say, “whew, I’m sure glad I don’t have any!” Should you feel that you don’t have any blind spots, you are welcome to attend for a “friend.”

Jake will introduce a straightforward model you can utilize when you find yourself questioning someone’s motives or applying blame. While questioning and blaming are normal human reactions, we can’t afford to be stuck in that head-space. We must lead by example, improving ourselves, and then helping the people we lead improve! Attendees will have the opportunity to work through scenarios that are relevant to them, unraveling blind spots, adapting the model, questioning assumptions, and learning countermeasures to turn blind spots into Bling Spots – so everyone can shine!

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