Microservice architecture comes with many rewards – but also many challenges. We set out on a challenge to see if we could bypass much of the complications by using SAAS and PAAS exclusively. We are happy to share what we found available within Microsoft Azure and just how quick and simple it was to get going with 100% serverless computing in this environment. You will be able to watch real time as we create services in the Azure cloud with this tool set.

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I am a force multiplier and a technical team leader that specializes in creating/growing high performing individuals, teams, and organizations.

Ron Quartel is a software developer of 20 years with a passion for agile methods and lean startup. His software career has taken him through various roles of developer, manager, consultant, trainer, entrepreneur, sales and product ownership. Software projects have ranged from traditional monolith to enterprise microservices and mobile. Ron will tell you his life mission is creating harmony in the workplace and to this end invented the FAST Agile scaling method.