How do we change organisations? How do we understand the culture of your organization? How do we understand what outcomes our transformation efforts are delivering? And once we know those things, what do we do?

Cynefin* has grown in popularity in the agile community in recent years. Used to their full potential, sensemaking and the Cynefin framework are powerful and effective approaches to informing action in complex, dynamic, and uncertain situations. To sustain the effectiveness, they need to be integrated with an organisations’ processes and ways of working.

Ken and Tony will introduce a practical, effective approach based on their work applying complexity techniques in large global technology organisations. This workshop, based on years of experience with dozens of sensemaking projects, will teach you the fundamentals of using micronarrative-based sensemaking and the Cynefin framework to foster transformation, resilience and agility. We will explore the support structures we need to wrap around micro narratives, Cynefin, and sensemaking to make them effective.

This session will focus on use of sensemaking to support transformations. You will learn about sensemaking in organizations, the Cynefin framework, how to determine appropriate action in a given context, how to design experiments for navigating complex situations, how to tailor a sensemaking framework for a particular purpose, and how to integrate sensemaking into your organization.

The focus of this session is on the organization as a whole, and what it means and what it takes to be an agile organization. Our exercises and examples focus on this perspective. How do you understand the culture of your organization? How do we respond effectively to shape the continued evolution of an organisation’s culture?

* **Footnote**: The *Cynefin framework* is a sensemaking framework that helps people make sense of which context they are in so they can make better decisions and take action appropriate to that context. It has five domains, or contexts, including obvious, complicated, complex, chaos, and disorder. One way to use Cynefin is to start by exploring the narratives in an organisation.

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