If you work in a traditional organization, most likely than not, your teams would be created by the management. Just because “we’ve always done it this way”, it doesn’t mean we can’t experiment with the alternatives. Join this workshop to experience a round of self-selection – a better way of building high-performing teams!
Originally described by Sandy Mamoli and David Mole, a self-selection is a facilitated process during which people can exercise their freedom of choice. They can self-select a new product to work on and new teammates to work with. A dream come true or a nightmare?
As exciting as it may sound to some, the idea of self-selection may cause others to experience all sorts of fears: fear of missing out, fear of not being selected, fear of picking a wrong team…
Don’t let your teams be paralyzed by fears ! Get management buy-in, reduce your teams’ discomfort and enable self-selection run in your organization by introducing it with this workshop. Join in to learn, play simulation games and experience autonomy in action!

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