How can we best care for ourselves when faced with challenges that drain our energy or bring out the worst in us? As Agile change agents, we want to lead by example and embrace these challenges as opportunities to learn and grow – not only in wisdom, but also in the quality of our self-care.

This session is about smart self-care. You will experience a kinesthetic process that uses body awareness to access deep self-empathy and reveal opportunities for self-love that can restore your energy, outlook and effectiveness. You will walk away with an appreciative awareness of your deepest needs and more targeted self-care strategies that honor those needs – without abdicating responsibility for your role in contributing to unwanted situations.

Upon completing the session, you will be able to practice and teach this process to others. This process is based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a set of empathy-based principles and practices that promote collaboration, inclusion and connection.

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