You know *how* to play Planning Poker and compute velocity. Do you know *why* it works? When you decide to change the recipe, do you know whether you're preserving the integrity of the system? Do you know when you've reached the limits of story points? Do you know whether you are ready for cycle time?

Let's go beyond *practicing* Agile estimation and move to truly *understanding* it. Find out several common mistakes in using story points. Improve the effectiveness of your story pointing practice. Recognize the smells of a stagnating estimation practice. Use cycle time to evaluate the effectiveness of your existing estimation strategy. Learn the real pre-conditions to apply cycle time and make them work for you.

With this session, you will have the knowledge to guide your team through any estimating exercise with greater skill and confidence. You will know how to answer the hard questions the skeptics always have as you evolve your estimation practice. Ultimately, you will provide better visibility and forecasts to your organization.

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Experienced practitioner with a diverse background across roles, industries, and company sizes. Approaches Agile with a Lean slant, software development with craft, and organizations with humanity. International and keynote speaker and author of "Quality Code: Software Testing Principles, Practices, and Patterns."