For the last 21 years Scrum has slowly become the de-facto standard for Agile development with over 90% of teams using Scrum to deliver working software. But Scrum, now 21 is not the fresh faced process framework that came into the world in the summer of 1995. It has evolved and changed living with commercial, technical, philosophical and practical challenges. And like the very framework that it is based on its development has responded to change. But in a industry of ‘the latest trends’ will there continue to be a role for Scrum, or will its events, artifacts and roles just be consumed by other process frameworks or software development in general. What is the future of Scrum? In this talk product owner of Scrum.org discusses the past, present and future of Scrum using real data from over 200K open assessments and 50K professional assessments to describe the challenges and future of Scrum.

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