In 2018, I was looking for a better method to interview and hire people. I had been an independent Agile consultant for over three years by then, and I had simply run out of time I could give to my clients. Every single day was booked out with classes, coaching sessions, or meetings. If I wanted to grow my business further, there was no other choice. But the thought of hiring always scared me. What if I get the wrong person on board?

The science and statistics of hiring were not on my side either. Daniel Kahneman, in his book *Thinking Fast and Show*, claims that employers make hiring decisions based on pure intuition after a few short interviews, and such procedure is almost useless for predicting the future success of recruits. Multiple social science studies claim that managers hire people who look like them, talk like them, and think like them – not the best strategy to grow a successful business. Thankfully, Kahneman’s book led me to Paul Meehl. Meehl’s *Clinical Versus Statistical Prediction* work outlined a few simple steps that help rid of cognitive biases and hire the best person for the job using statistical data. It worked well for me too and, I want to share the technique with you. This workshop will teach a better, scientific method to hire winning candidates.

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