Congratulations! You've received incredible benefit from adopting agile approaches with your teams, and you're exploring and implementing tools to expand those benefits to ever-larger efforts involving more people, bigger goals, and much higher cost and impact for your company. This is the moment when every group needs to struggle with one of the most important challenges: How do we sustain and grow the social dynamics that have made agile successful? Agile processes, regardless of approach, are successful because of changes in how people work together, and failure to address this challenge early typically results in a "big dump process model", rarely resulting in meaningful, sustained change to the organization.

This talk explains six collaboration-focused perspectives and tactics that are consistently found valuable when focusing multiple agile teams on a single larger outcome. The collaboration techniques covered include one shared goal, two axes of engagement, three steering councils, the new gang of four, fist of five, and the six supporting roles. Designing your team of teams considering these six techniques will accelerate your improvement journey and improve your likelihood of successfully implementing any scaling model at the program level. These patterns are extracted from experiences helping launch and evolve programs using multiple scaling approaches (including SAFe, multi-team Scrum, and scaled kanban approaches) across a variety of companies and industries (more than 20 different agile programs of 50-150 people).

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I partner with leaders navigating their transformation journeys as they adopt new approaches and mindsets to optimize their technology investments. My extensive experience leading complex lean-agile adoption efforts in America’s largest companies spanning the technology, media, enterprise software, insurance & financial services, telecom, and healthcare industries supports these companies as they build their capability to sustainably and successfully deliver on the needs of their businesses. I am driven by helping leaders unleash better results with their people through applying new mindsets, organizational models, and practices, enabling their organizations to flourish. My transformation philosophy is centered around the recognition that the most effective change is that driven and led by the people involved. I maintain a triple-focus across developing people, accelerating value streams, and removing cross-cutting barriers, which is designed to create the context for that self-driven change to be maximally effective and sustainable while effectively scaling across thousands of practitioners. Applying these approaches across many companies has resulted in consistent success improving their ability to drive customer-centric value, quickly achieve effective decisions, and form effective technology organizations delivering better business outcomes aligned to the enterprise strategies. In addition to his work with Scaling Matters, Eric is Principal and founder of Eric Willeke & Associates.