How do you ensure that your organization has adequate coaching support to sustain an Enterprise Agile transformation? How do you scale your scrum masters and Agile coaches to an organization with 50, 100, or 200 teams? What selection criteria do you employ to ensure your organization has selected the most appropriate individuals to fulfill the roles of scrum master and enterprise coach? What issues/challenges do you face and what structures and support do you need to put in place to address them?

In this talk we will discuss our experiences and learnings scaling the coaching function to multiple levels of a large software organization. At Salesforce.com we have successfully grown and sustained an enterprise agile transformation that now encompasses 200+ scrum teams. Drawing heavily from our experiences as coaches at Salesforce.com, and presenting this talk as a work-in-progress, we will:

– Discuss WHY it is important to scale the coach in a large enterprise
– Candidly present the major challenges we have faced, what didn’t work, and how we have adapted our strategy accordingly
– Talk about the primary support structures we chose to put in place to scale effective coaching to the team, business unit, and portfolio levels of the organization.
– Reflect upon our experience of setting up a 3-tiered coaching model, and discuss the coaching interactions that take place at each level.
– Discuss the selection criteria for scrum masters and enterprise coaches, as well as the internal certification programs we have developed for each.
– Invite the audience to form teams, and participate by sharing what they might have done
– Host a Q&A

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