Transforming organizations from waterfall to Agile is often a tricky endeavor full of blockers from seemingly all directions. I have seen those that embrace the change reap the rewards, and ultimately yield higher productivity, improve customer relations, have better quality, and increase their morale. Those that execute “Agile in Name Only” get quite frustrated and don’t achieve the outcomes originally desired.

In this session, challenges and outcomes from two separate transformation initiatives will be shared. While both organizations are in rather risk-adverse industries (one financial and the other insurance), they invested heavily to introduce and scale Agile across an enterprise. Both wanted to transform their companies so that they could prevent severely dissatisfied customers from walking out the door, improve quality, and have better throughput, enabling them to respond to marketplace demands quicker.

One organization excelled – the other did not.

The approach and outcomes from these two transformations will be compared and contrasted, so that you can learn from direct field experiences techniques that worked and those that didn’t. Hopefully, these stories of success and failure can help improve success of introducing and scaling Agile across your enterprise.

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