The world of Agile is rooted in the value of “people and interactions” and in our conversations we implicitly value the power of “yes.” Yes to iterating. Yes to change. Yes to our stakeholders, customers, and leaders. The idea of a culture rooted in “Yes” feels naturally agile. AND sometimes what is most needed is a graceful, agile “no.”

Often, an automatic “yes” culture leads to bloated backlogs, missed commitments, and a reduced transparency and trust between our teams and their stakeholders. Join us in this interactive workshop to explore the power of “No.” When should it be “No, not now?” When should it be “No, not ever?” Can “No” be more than just a dangerous career-limiting move? How can we open a conversation that could lead to a “No” and coach a stakeholder to receive and interpret a “No?” This is one session you should definitely say “YES” to!

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