Lean Kanban Inc. is the premier source of professional Kanban. What have we learned running a Kanban business Kanban style? While the Kanban Method got its start in IT, it is a general approach to managing knowledge work. At Lean Kanban we have very little software, but almost everything we do is knowledge work. In this talk we will discuss 5 different areas where we have taken direct or indirect learning from Kanban. We will discuss areas such as accounts receivables, our Kanban Coaching Professional certification process, optimizing capacity allocation, developing fit for purpose solutions, and data driven real time risk management. Through this session attendees will learn about:

* Applying Kanban concepts to a company outside IT
* Using lead time as a tool to improve accounts receivables predictability
* Understanding system workflows and using tools to drive continuous improvements
* Anticipating demand and balancing the allocation of capacity
* Designing solutions that are fit for the purpose of solving specific business problems
* Managing risk through a data driven scenario modeling

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