In my experience, no one starts an Agile based initiative wanting to fail. But, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that challenge even the best of us. The trick is to learn and remain open from the failure, no matter how painful they may be at the time. While it can be challenging and somewhat humbling, continuous improvement and growth can happen from failure.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll start out quickly reviewing some of the latest research related to failure, along with some steps to take to address them. We’ll then spend most of the time discussing a real-world failure for a large program involving scaling Agile. There were over 150 people, more than 10 teams, budget in $10s of millions, and multiple technologies.

We’ll present this in a “case study” format, where you’ll get the background of the situation, and then asked what would you do. Next, steps taken and outcomes from the actual engagement will be shared – especially on what not to do. We’ll focus on the failure modes, which ones we addressed, which ones we did not, and what happened.

Turn from the perceived “dark side” of failure. Make failure a learning opportunity to grow stronger and to become more aware.

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