Will machines replace humans?

Justworks is a young company that provides payroll and benefits to growing businesses. Incumbents like TriNet and ADP generate 100% of their revenue through human salespeople. In this case study, we’ll learn how Justworks leveraged technology by creating a self-service enrollment funnel. Payroll and benefits are scary things for most entrepreneurs, so signing up without talking to a person can be a BIG LEAP. It took 3 years, but in that time they built out a sustainable on-screen enrollment and onboarding flow that builds trust and guides prospects through setting up and using the service, now generating millions of dollars in Annual Recurring Revenue.

In this talk we’ll look at some of the UX tools that were used: through understanding buyer personas, a bunch of SQL, some A/B tests, multiple screen revamps, coordinated branding efforts, and A LOT of automated emails. This session will learn to discover the metrics that matter, how to identify small changes that have a big impact, and when to advocate for design overhauls.

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