Pair programming is a well known practice for closely connected teams, but can it work for distributed teams as well? Johannes is the Oslo-based chief scientist for the Sri Lanka-based company Exilesoft. He’s coaching people in Agile software development practices, including pair programming. To open new possibilities, he is experimenting with remote pair programming as a part of the daily work.

This talk will demonstrate remote pair programming in practice and cover the benefits and drawbacks of a distributed agile programming team. How much will being distributed cost your team, what can you regain from remote pair programming and how does remote pair programming feel compared to normal team work?

The talk will be centered around a demonstration where Johannes pair programs remotely in C# with Visual Studio, Dropbox and Skype with a colleague. If you’re non-technical, the code will probably not make too much sense, but the collaboration will. After the demonstration, the talk will cover the questions of how to get started and when remote pair programming is worth the effort.

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