In a world of editable genomes and customizable cancer treatment, it’s time to reconsider how the academic lab operates in order to keep pace with rapidly advancing research. The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard is one of the world’s leading genomic research centers, where over thirty academic laboratories, groups, and platforms work collaboratively to enhance human health and medicine. “Agile Academia”, the Broad’s Agile affinity group, is working to help academic laboratories to incorporate Agile values into their day-to-day operation in order to more quickly respond to change and enhance the research process. This talk will detail Agile adoptions by multiple Broad Institute laboratories and introduce challenges faced by the teams — competing priorities, staggered timelines, scientists’ skepticism, and how best to support inherently individualized work. Agile consultants and practitioners of all experience levels will learn new strategies for introducing and fostering Agile values in novel contexts.

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