*I believe there is an amazing journey when you grow up as part of a junior team.* Having the opportunity to influence the actions that will lead to the definition of your development processes will be a really memorable experience. This experience will continue as your processes morph into your culture. And when your team has a solid culture, every member feels limitless, empowered, and productive. It is magical… until new members arrive.

*While we were growing up as a team, we faced two interesting challenges.* How to integrate new members into our evolving team so that we can define our culture together? How to board new members into our team after we reached an established culture?

*Let’s analyze the failures and successes of our team.* Then, find answers to all these questions. At each point in a team’s evolution there are specific type of processes and methods. These processes evolve with the team. They are formal and visible at the beginning. With time they turn into simple known facts. Finally they become reflexes nobody thinks about.

*In this session, expect to understand what team culture means and how to break it down into teachable processes.* Take what is considered common knowledge and produce documents that are easy to publish, read, and teach to new team members. Any change in a team means turbulence of performance and culture. You want new members to learn your ways fast and best, so they can contribute real value to the next iteration of your team culture.

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