Running an agile program is hard.

We will take a pragmatic look at how agile program management might evolve over time. Unfortunately, participation in an agile project does not really prepare you for leading an agile program. We’ve been running an agile program for three years…our first delivery had 400+ participants on the various teams. Now with 3 additional deployments successfully completed, we will walk you through what has worked well, and the changes that were made to remove roadblocks that we encountered along the way.

This session will tackle the day to day challenges that you will most certainly be facing as you step into the program management role
– What kinds of decisions will you make?
– How do you influence team members when you don’t have direct authority?
– When do you change directions?
– What does success look like?

It will also arm you with techniques that you can draw from to overcome these challenges. Much of the discussion will be interactive so that you are learning from your fellow participants and their experiences, as well as learning from our journey.

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