If you are building software for people who are not developers, there is a good chance that you are making bad assumptions about their goals, needs, knowledge and skills. And if you don’t know what will work for your users, you can’t build working software.

Doing user research before and during development helps inform your choices about strategy (what to build) as well as tactics (how to build it)– and it doesn’t have to slow down your development process . In fact some rapidly executed research can speed up your time to market by reducing the need to refactor late in a project.

This presentation will provide practical information that will help product owners and developers quickly get inside the heads of their users, validate product ideas and improve the usability of their software at warp speed. The presenters will share tips and techniques for recruiting research participants, shadowing and interviewing users effectively, getting valuable feedback on product concepts and information architecture, and rapidly iterating on the user interface to improve usability. They will demonstrate remote testing tools that will help teams rapidly identify effective information architecture and labels and test users can successfully achieve their goals with their designs., and cover best practices for live testing and collecting feedback from users after launch.

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